Case Status Update:

The administration of the Dendreon Corporation Class Action Litigation Settlement is ongoing. If you received a Notice of Rejection of Your Entire Claim or Notification of Partial Payment and have questions about how to resolve your deficiencies, please contact the Claims Administrator at 1 (866) 297-1226. Please note that accurate claims processing takes a significant amount of time. Once the administration is complete, final claim determinations will be subject to approval by the Court. Thank you for your patience.

Overview Of The Settlement

In re Dendreon Corporation Class Action Litigation,, Master Docket No. 2:11-cv-01291-JLR

A Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against Defendants Dendreon Corporation (“Dendreon”), Mitchell H. Gold, Hans Bishop, and Gregory T. Schiffman (collectively, “Individual Defendants,” and with Dendreon, “Defendants”). The Settlement, approved by the Court, settles certain claims of all persons and entities who purchased or otherwise acquired Dendreon common stock between April 29, 2010 and August 3, 2011, inclusive (the “Class Period”), and who were damaged thereby (the “Class”), against Defendants and their Related Persons.

What Are My Options?

Please consult the Notice for more details on your options.

Settlement Hearing

Pursuant to the Settlement Hearing held on August 2, 2013, before the Honorable James L. Robart, at the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington, 700 Stewart Street, Courtroom Suite 14106, Seattle, the Court approved the Settlement, the Plan of Allocation and the request for Lead Counsel fees.

Important Dates
July 12, 2013
Exclusion Deadline
July 12, 2013
Objection Deadline
(filed and received)
August 2, 2013
Settlement Hearing
September 7, 2013
Claim Form Deadline

Your Options

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